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Preteen Sex Stories

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 15:02:40 +0100 (BST)From: jz antony Subject: Drama ends in lifeDisclaimer: This is an Adult Gay Story. If you are not of age in yourcountry, or if it is against the law for you to read this story, pleasedon't read this. Any comments or constructive criticism are welcome.-John Antonyjzantony(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)inSANJAY:My friend Salim was the most gorgeous person I'd ever seen. He was sixfoot tall, strong built, very straight, a real lad and he had a classicallyhandsome face. He was a hunk but I could never tell him that. Salim and Ihad been thrown together as roommates at our college hostel six monthsbefore. I fell in love with him at first sight, but didn't dare tell himthat I was gay or found him attractive.He was always surrounded by many friends of both sexes. Every one likedhim for his looks and charms. It always pained me to look him moving freelywith all. I was very shy and I could not move physically close to him.The only time I was physically close to him was at the time of traveling inbike with him. Even at the time I could not move beyond the decent limit.But whenever I was with him, my eyes would be fixed on him drinking hisbeauty. The times he took off his shirt and move in the room with shortswere the precious moments in my life. I would watch his Greek-like physiqueand the chiseled definition of his manly body. Everything about him mademe crazy with lust -his broad haired chest, muscular pecs that wereaccentuated by sexy nipples, his flat stomach and his shorts that lookedlike a second skin. They would cling to his firm, round buns and displayeda large, tempting bulge in his crotch. Every time I saw him I would get aboner. I knew that he never noticed my lusty stares or my love.One day our hostel mates decided to stage a drama for our college day.They wanted no contribution from people outside the hostel. Script writer,actors, director and other technicians were to be selected from the hostelmates, all males, only. Salim was the unanimous choice for the hero role.To my great surprise, they selected me for the heroine role. Thoughexcited, I voiced my doubts about my suitability. And I didn't want topart with my moustache.Krishna, the script writer, said, "You two would make a great pair,Sanjay. With your expressive eyes and Preteen Sex Stories cute face you could make my heroine alive character."Everyone, including Salim, agreed on the opinion. Finally I accepted therole.SALIM:Sanjay was the Preteen Sex Stories nicest person I'd ever known. He was very intelligent andgood looking. But he was very shy and except me he had no other closefriend. He always Preteen Sex Stories had a dreamy look and seemed to live in his own innerworld. He helped me in my studies. Especially the credit for my good marksin mathematics in last semester belonged to him.When Krishna proposed him for the heroine role we all agreed that he wouldbe the ideal choice. I looked at him with more attention. If the moustachewas gone, he would look like a beautiful girl. His smooth hairless upperbody and thighs could help easy make up for the female character.When he came out of the room after make up, I couldn't help exclaiming,"Wow! You look very beautiful, Sanjay".He just smiled. The most beautiful aspect of him was his charming smile. Itflashed his perfect teeth. As Krishna said, his coal black eyes were veryexpressive. Everything suited him perfectly. When I saw the short skirtand the creamy glowing thighs, something really stirred in me.The new sensation baffled me. I had to remind myself that he was "HE" not"SHE". But it didn't help me much.The drama had a few intimate scenes. I couldn't help touching and feelinghis bare skin more than it was necessary. I really felt Preteen Sex Stories guilty about it.I was not a person who takes undue advantage of his shyness. But my handswere not in my control. They explored and enjoyed. I knew Sanjay's goodnature and shyness prevented him objecting it. But really I was helpless.Sometimes I forgot the dialogues and Krishna scolded me for Preteen Sex Stories that.SANJAY:Whenever he touched me I was in heaven. At first he acted closely only atrehearsal times. Afterwards he became very close in our hostel room also.He started getting friendlier toward me. If I was sitting on the couchwatching TV, he would sit down next to me and stretch out, making sure ourupper arms touched. If I was reading, he would put his hand on my arm andlook over my shoulder to see what I was reading. He began hugging mebefore he left to go anywhere.I didn't know how to react because I wasn't sure of his intention. Butevery nerve of my body answered his touch.On college day, our drama was a grand success. Everyone acted verywell. Both of us lived our roles passionately. As per the script, the dramaended with the lead pair's kiss. It was enough for him to bring his faceto my face. But I felt his lips press onto mine. His tongue forced apartmy lips and pushed into my mouth. I was experiencing my first real kisswith Salim. The audience clapped. Thinking that as a joke between friends,the persons on the stage also clapped merrily.SALIM:I didn't know what made me to kiss him. But I couldn't resist from kissingthe wet cherry lips. They were inviting and I had to respond. I had tokiss them. The kiss electrified my entire body. I had kissed a few girlsearlier. But they were nothing compared to the kiss with Sanjay. I cameto senses after hearing the claps. Unwillingly I withdrew my lips fromhim.I whispered to Sanjay, "Sorry friend. I went beyond the limit""But I loved that" Sanjay said.I wasn't sure of what I heard. I looked his eyes. They expressed what hesaid, more eloquently. Both of us were impatient to reach our room. But wehad to sit there and watch other programs with our friends. Finally theprograms were over and we returned to our room.SANJAY: "Let's get out of these clothes," Salim said softly and he pulled mycotton T shirt over my head. I did the same to him. He put his arms aroundme and hugged me. I melted in his warm strong arms. Our bare chests werepressed together. I loved the feel Preteen Sex Stories of his warm hairy chest against mysmooth one.He ran his hand down my back and placed it on my bare hip. He squeezed myhip and pulled me a little closer to him. Marc raised his head up alittle; his warm lips gently touched. The kiss was so gentle. EverythingI had expected from him. Everything I needed it to be. The kiss lingered.My body trembled as I ran my hands over his strong, smooth back and heldhim closer and we continued to kiss.SALIM:We said goodbye to our pants also. Sanjay's slim torso was smooth as silkwith only a hint of a treasure trail running from his navel into hisshorts. I ran my fingers softly over his chest and tweaked his nipplesgently. He was unbuttoning my shorts and pulling the zipper down as I putmy lips on his right nipple and nursed on it, nibbling softly as he removedmy shorts and briefs in one motion. My cock sprang free, hard as a rockand drooling slippery pre cum as he stroked it.SANJAY:"Feed me that hard cock!" I moaned. A clear drop of pre cum oozed from themassive slit in the head of his seven inch cock and I lifted my head tolick it off. He tasted fresh and clean, with just the slightest hint ofmusk. Pushing forward and down Salim fed his flesh to me. The head filledmy hungry mouth and he began to thrust gently pushing more and more of hishard flesh into me."Oh, yeah," he groaned, "Suck that dick."He had met the back of my throat and I sucked vigorously on his stiffmeat. He pushed further and I swallowed his massive knob down into my warm,wet, slippery throat. As I sucked him I fondled his fat squishy nuts. Hethrust a bit faster into me, driving his shaft in and out of my hungrythroat. I could taste the nectar flowing freely from his organ. It lubed upmy throat making my job easier. As his nuts contracted in their silky sackI knew that Salim was close to blasting my face with his load. He sensedthe oncoming orgasm and pulled his shaft out of my throat and mouth. Thehuge cock throbbed and jerked above my face, his balls pulled up tightly tothe wide base of his dick."Oh babe I am so close to blowing my wad," he said breathlessly, his cockjumping and twitching in time with his racing pulse."Kiss me," I said to him and he fell on top of me, our hard cocks rubbingslickly against each other. Our lips met and Salim drove his tongue againdeep into my welcoming mouth."You are so, so hot!" he moaned between kisses while he removed my shorts."You are as well," I responded as we continued to make out, tongues andlips dueling passionately. Our cocks continued their slippery duel, each ofus producing huge amounts Preteen Sex Stories of pre cum that wet our bellies and shafts."You're in good shape," he said, falling to his knees in front of my hardrod. As his warm, wet mouth enveloped my oozing knob I let out a groan. Hepulled off of my hard cock and began to tongue my Preteen Sex Stories scrotum. He sucked eachof my hot balls into his warm, wet mouth and gave them each a good workoutwith his tongue. Salim spread my legs apart and went back to work. Hetongued and kissed my perineum and ran his wet, hot tongue lower until hewas rimming my love hole. He had me groaning and writhing in ecstaticpleasure as his stiff wet tongue probed my ass. I reached down to grab mydick but he pushed my hand away as he continued his rimming. He gentlyfondled my dick, which had never before been so hard. Salim smeared thejuice oozing from the slit of my cock all over the rock hard shaft as histongue probed and tickled my pulsating sphincter.Then, he pulled his face away from my butt and looked up at me.Understanding the look, I asked "Are you sure you want to do this?""I want to be inside you honey" Salim whispered to me. He directed me ontomy back. As I saw his huge cock I knew I was in for a hell of a ride. Justthe sight of that hot stud looming before me was getting my juices flowingagain. I couldn't wait to have that hot cock tearing into my ass. I knewSalim would soon be filling me to the brim with his glorious thick cock. "Oh, honey, you're so big," I gasped as I placed my hands on his buttocksand pulled him in deeper. He began to pump slowly. ."And you're so tight, Sanjay" he whispered. "I'm not hurting you, am I?""No, don't ever stop," I replied.Our lips locked together again as he drove his love pole inside me. Preteen Sex Stories I felthis body shudder and his rod expand."Oooh, yeah, this is a tight fucking ass. This is going to be so hot" hesaid in sexy voice."Yeah, fuck me, Tony. I need your cock up my ass, man," I said.As that plump, cock head pressed against my anxious rose bud, I sighed inanticipation. Then with a determined push, it plopped past my tightsphincter. I grit my teeth as several spasms of pain emanated from myass. Still, Salim pushed himself forward, driving more and more of thatlove pole into my burning ass."Honey, your sweet ass is marvelous" he sighed while continuing to burrowthat beautiful cock ever deeper. I grunted as I forced myself to overcomethe initial pain of that anal Preteen Sex Stories invasion. When I finally felt his ballsresting on my upturned ass, I breathed n deep, relaxing my ass muscles asbest I could. Salim locked onto my eyes as he slowly rotated and swayedhis hips, grinding that baby fully inside my straining ass. Without a wordbeing said, he continued that grinding motion for several minutes while Iwrithed beneath him. As the pain turned into a longing, my eyes must haverelayed that message."You enjoy this. Don't you?" he asked me. I could see the lust in his eyesas surely as he could read the desire in mine."Yes darling" I moaned. "Fuck me, honey, fuck me."We found a rhythm. The sensation was unbelievable! Our eyes continuedstaring back at each other as Salim's cock continued that deliciousplunging, slowly, in and out, in and out. After a few minutes of lovemaking, we were in sync with each other. He drove into me in longdeliberate strokes. I looked into his face and he was consumed with ecstasyand I felt the most intense Preteen Sex Stories love of my life. When our orgasms finally camethey came together as he pushed into me one last time. His back arched andhe let out an unbelievable moan as I felt his cock pulse inside me to expelhis cum. Salim collapsed across me and our sweat mixed between us. Icould feel his hot breath against my neck. We were filled with anunbelievable sense of release and peace.-JOHN ANTONYjzantony (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in
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